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Theory and Methodology of Professional Education (Higher Education)

77-48211/452571 Problems and prospects of innovative development of Russian universities
# 09, September 2012
E.A Manushin
The author shows the necessity of forming an innovative engineering education system and notes the tendency to increase prestigiousness of creative engineering work. The author considers the basic ideas of the concept of innovative engineering education as well as states their essence and proposes steps to implement it. The author also considers the main problems of higher education and shows students’ attitude towards education. The relationship between the basic training (in the form of a scientific discipline approach) with a multidisciplinary approach is shown in this article. The author justifies the necessity of appropriate content and organizational decisions.
77-48211/445140 How to ensure general Geometry training to students of technical universities
# 08, August 2012
V.O. Moskalenko, G.S. Ivanov, K.A. Murav'ev
 The authors state and polemically discuss questions of improving general Geometry teaching to technical college students in multi-level training and competence approach. At the same time the authors provide information on their views concerning tactical trends of system integration of traditional and innovative approaches across the domestic higher education with justification of the local emergent effect.
77-48211/400975 Object-documentary analysis as means of enhancement of students’ cognitive competence
# 05, May 2012
E.A. Gavrilina
This article deals with the analysis of problems of modern technical education and search for a way out of the current situation. The object-documentary analysis was proposed for usage in the educational process as one of possible solutions. The possibility of applying this method in the educational process is proved; its efficiency in development and optimization of cognitive skills is shown.
77-30569/286116 Model of estimation of results of learning progress diagnosing
# 04, April 2012
E.A. Vlasova, N.Ya. Ir'yanov
 The authors suggest an algebraic model of estimation of results of testing conducted in the form of traditional written examinations or contests with a complete solution of each task required. In this model solutions of the test tasks are evaluated by primary scores according to the traditional fractional scale. The advantages of the model are its simplicity, objectivity in measurement of the task complexity, estimation of students' preparation level by breadth and depth of their knowledge, opportunity of the objective ranking of the level of those participants who produce hardly comparable results.
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