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# 11, November 2009

Science and Education
Kinematics and dynamics mathematical modeling of a ⌠trunk■ robot-manipulator. 2. Mathematical models of the manipulator section as the type ╚hexapod╩ parallel mechanism
# 11, November 2009
DOI: 10.7463/1109.0133731
Yu.T. Kaganov, A.P. Karpenko
We discuss a “trunk” robot-manipulator. The paper presents kinematic and dynamic models of type «hexapod» parallel mechanism as a section of this robot-manipulator.
Operations over ultra- and hypercolumns for realisation of procedures of the analysis and synthesis of structures of difficult systems (Part 2)
# 11, November 2009
V.A. Ovchinnikov
Some operations reforming ultra- and hypergraphs are considered. These operations realize project procedures of analysis and synthesis the complex system structure using their mathematical models
United information-analytical system of a professional training for aircraft building branch
# 11, November 2009
I.E. Pervyshina, E.I. Pudalova, A.L. Galinovsky, E.G. Gridina, M.A. Ageikin
The modern science, technics, technology and machine-building manufacture exist in the rigid competitive environment both in the country, and abroad. In such conditions their development and maintenance at high enough competitive level should be based on application and realisation of the innovations.
Mathematical model of a simple mode of reproduction of the enterprise
# 11, November 2009
A.V. Jirkov
In article the mathematical model of a simple mode of reproduction of the enterprise is considered. The system of the equations for a finding of transfer function of system concerning intensity of realisation of production is deduced. Transfer function of system is received
The position account indoors a source of the speech information in actions for protection of the information from leak on acoustic-electric channel
# 11, November 2009
M.,V. Murashov
An influence of location of a sound source in an enclosed space on the spatial acoustic pressure distribution is defined by means of the finite element calculations. 
Equivalent transformations of algorithm structures
# 11, November 2009
G.S. Ivanova
In this article the set of algorithms structures transformations is offered. These transformations are equivalent in sense of calculation results. Ones can be used for reception of structural algorithms from not structural in parallel programming, automatic recognition of program texts and the analysis of computing complexity of algorithm. For each transformation initial and replacing fragments are described, and also conditions of application are determined.

Foreign Education

Canada Will Require Foreign Students to Submit Biometric Identification Data
# 11, November 2009
International students applying for study visas to Canada will be required to provide biometric identification details, such as fingerprints, within two years, according to a senior Canadian immigration official who spoke here on Wednesday at the annual conference of the Canadian Bureau for International Education. "I'm giving you a heads up that starting in late 2011, foreign students will be required to enroll their biometrics each time they apply for a study permit before they arrive in Canada," said Jorge Aceytuno, deputy director of the international-student branch of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the federal department that deals with immigration issues.
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