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77-30569/353180 Mathematical simulation of contact interaction of elasto-plastic environments
Engineering Education # 04, April 2012
The authors consider an algorithm of solving of a contact problem of the theory of elasto-plasticity on the basis of alternating Schwarz method. The article includes a numerical solution of the theory of elasticity contact problem with the use of implementation of an iterative process of the alternate appointment of displacement vectors and surface forces on surfaces of the contact, and also their corresponding correction. The authors consider the mechanism with account of friction and elasto-plastic deformations when solving contact problems with the use of the developed algorithm. Results of numerical simulation of contact interaction of heated bodies are included in the article. The geometry of finite-element models of contacting bodies after deformation is shown.
77-30569/332595 Algorithm of automatic construction of meshes from quadrangular finite elements
Engineering Education # 02, February 2012
An algorithm for construction of finite element models consisting of quadrangular finite elements for two-dimensional domains with complex geometric design was developed. The main distinctive feature of the proposed algorithm by comparison with the existing ones was a possibility of construction of irregular meshes in multicoherent areas without their preliminary splitting into the one-coherent. It was established that meshes in areas of canonical form had expressed structured character, but meshes in areas with curved boundary were irregular. The developed algorithm can be used in the general finite element technology for solving the thermo-mechanical problems, which arise at creation and operational development of objects of the aviation and space technics.
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