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# 06, June 2012
77-30569/289266 Evolution of Data Management
Engineering Education # 11, November 2011
The main spheres of computer technology using. Development of structures for data management. File systems, characteristic features. Database Management Systems as a new stage in the development of a structured approach of storing and processing information. The structure of the database, its method of operation, the main purpose. Ways to ensure database integrity.
Problems and methods of information security.
Engineering Education # 04, April 2011
With the development of technology the problem of information security is becoming more extensive and serious. Major aspects and issues of information security, the priority areas in this field are overviewed. The term of “information security subsystem” is introduced and described. The logical structure and architecture of the subsystem data protection, its primary purpose and rules of construction are mentioned in the article. It briefly describes the basic methods of access control to resources, taking into consideration the credibility of the process, as well as the problem of process functioning.
Evolution of the regulatory framework for information security in the Russian Federation and the developed countries of the world
Engineering Education # 03, March 2011
Brief information about the term "information security " is given in the article. Multiplicity and complexity of the main challenges in this area, consideration of the basic state standards and regulations in the field of information security  are overviewed. Common history, their evolution in Russia and in the developed countries of the world, their basic tenets, goals, purpose are shown. The article touches upon the main standards as a basis for interaction between producers, consumers and experts on information technology training products and describes the importance for the introduction of uniform standards, concept and criteria, the benefits of such normative-legal base.
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