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Conceptual model of virtual centre of public health services
# 08, August 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0812.0550846
V.S. Anischenko, T.I. Buldakova, P.Ya. Dovgalevskii, V.B. Lifshic, V.I. Gridnev, S.I. Suyatinov
There are considered the substantive provisions, principles, conditions and mechanisms of realisation in the form of the virtual centre of the new concept in public health services – the personalised medicine. The virtual centre unites all making elements of system of public health services on the basis of the general information field, providing information gathering, the deep analysis and an exchange of great volumes of the data. In this concept the important problem is creation of virtual human physiology. The virtual "copy" of the patient constructed by means of mathematical models of elements and subsystems of an organism, describes activity of physiological subsystems of the person and represents its virtual physiological image. Component of the general virtual model of human physiology is the computer model of biosystem «heart – vessels – lungs». The method of construction of this model on the basis of structurally-parametrical identification and its use for an estimation of a functional state is offered. Transition to the virtual form of the organisation of public health services assumes stage-by-stage realisation of separate projects. A priority problem of the first stage is creation of methods and means of express monitoring and an estimation of a state of health of the person. The prototype of the virtual centre of health protection is offered.
77-30569/332565 Advanced charge instability control methods in gate dielectric of MOS devices
# 04, April 2012
S.A. Loskutov, V.E. Drach, I.V. Chuhraev
The authors analyze modern control methods of MOS-devices and charge stability of gate dielectric structures of metal-dielectric-semiconductor. Features of modern MOS-devices were defined subject to reduction of engineering rates. It was shown that the most perspective method was the electrophysical one based on the method of controlled current load; it allowed to analyze fast relaxation processes in dielectric directly after stresses.
77-30569/332077 About possible usage of copper nanoparticles for increasing of durability of sealed CO2-laser
# 02, February 2012
A.K. Gorbunov, S.M. Jdanov, N.I. Pchelinceva
A new technology of manufacturing electrodes containing precious metals for high durability of the sealed CO2-lasers was proposed. Promising results were obtained at use of regenerators of CO2 based on copper oxide grown on a layer of copper nanoparticles.
77-30569/332405 Monitoring procedure of a nano-sized dielectric charge of MOSFET
# 02, February 2012
V.E. Drach, I.V. Chuhraev
A dielectric charge degradation monitoring procedure of nano-sized short-channel MOSFETs under high-field tunnel injection at different temperatures was proposed. The consequent Id(Vg) measurement in addition to injection stress was proposed. The proposed technique shows exponential dependence between charging/discharging of traps in dielectric versus time of measurement.
77-30569/332441 Research of insulation defects and charge defects of gate dielectric of MOS structure with Al and liquid electrodes
# 03, March 2012
V.E. Drach, I.V. Chuhraev
In this article the authors present the results of statistic measurements of the injection voltage and the charge-to-breakdown injected into a gate dielectric. MOS structures with different materials of the upper electrode were used as experimental samples. The authors propose comparative estimation of insulation defects and charge defects of SiO2-PSG film of MOS structures with Al and liquid electrode. The MOS structures with liquid electrodes, based on Hg and InGa eutectic compound appeared to be a good test for investigation of gate dielectric quality before production operation of metallization.
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