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Electrical Engineering

Forming a Coating on Electrical Steel
# 11, November 2014
DOI: 10.7463/1114.0742166
A.A. Zyabrev, S.A. Pakhomova
pp. 780-789
A Development of the Direct Lyapunov Method for the Analysis of Transient Stability of a System of Synchronous Generators Based on the Determination of Non- Stable Equilibria on a Multidimensional Sphere
# 05, May 2014
DOI: 10.7463/0514.0712062
A.V. Stepanov
We propose a method for determining the non-stable equilibria on a multidimensional sphere that can be used for the analysis of dynamical stability by the direct Lyapunov method, which, in turn, is used to control a system of synchronous generators. Our method is based on finding an extremum (a minimum) of Lyapunov function on a multidimensional sphere the center of which is a stable equilibrium. The radius of the sphere is enlarged until a non-stable equilibrium (a saddle point) appears. This allows to compute the critical value of Lyapunov function and to estimate the reserve stability. For the analysis of transient stability we use the Lyapunov function of energy type. The proposed method diminishes the computational expenses and improves reliability of the estimation of reserve transient stability of synchronous generators
Multi-Component Electrode Systems in Geo-Electric Field Intensity Sensors for Moving Carriers
# 05, May 2014
DOI: 10.7463/0514.0710552
O.I. Miseyk, A.L. Sobisevich
The paper considers two- and three- component electrode systems in contact electric field sensors. The design of electrode systems optimally meets the requirements for devices to be set on mobile platforms for specific needs. Electrode systems are characterized by minimum of electrodes used: the number of electrodes outnumbers the registered components of the electric field vector by one. Nearly identical flow conditions in the vicinity of electrodes, geometric symmetry of the electrode system, and electric symmetry of measuring channels are provided. The analytical expressions for the elements of the equivalent circuit of the sensor are obtained, and the pre-processing circuits of useful signals are offered.
Research of the Multipolar Induction Traction Frequency Regulated Motor
# 05, May 2014
DOI: 10.7463/0514.0709521
V. Ia. Bespalov, A.B. Krasovskii, M.V. Panihin, V.G. Fisenko
The paper considers the application features of traction induction electric motors in transmissions of vehicles. It shows that one of important stages in their designing is to choose the number of poles. The analysis of the initial multi-polar traction induction motor is given as a part of the traction electric drive. The paper presents results of its simulation characteristics in the structure with vector control and estimates their compliance with the given traction characteristic. It is established that because of increased alternating frequency of currents in the range of high speeds there is an excessive decrease in the torque and the requirement for constancy of the target capacity, corresponding to the typical traction characteristic is not fulfilled. Given calculation results of electromagnetic field distribution in a groove of the engine stator are used to establish a substantial growth of additional losses in the engine, and an extent of flow loss because of damping actions of eddy currents in the laminated steel of stator at increased frequencies is estimated. The traction induction motor alternative with the improved characteristics is proved.
Differentiating transformers in tachometric devices of valve electric drives
# 09, September 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0913.0617210
V.A. Solov'ev
Use of transformers as differentiating elements of a tachometric device of a follow-up valve electric drive with a sine-cosine rotor position sensor of the electric motor was justified. A possibility of linearization of the tachometric device’s output characteristic by connection of balancing capacitors to secondary windings of differentiating transformers was considered in this work. Capacity of balancing capacitors was determined. The author proposes a method for analyzing output voltage ripple of a tachometric device with differentiating transformers and for determination of their relative amplitude. The results of experimental researches of a tachometric device with differentiating transformers are also presented in this paper.
Method of increasing operation speed of a step electric drive
# 09, September 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0913.0602179
A.B. Krasovskii
In this article the author considers a step electric drive with power supply of the motor by a controlled current inverter in which the basic operation mode is movement with a constant or slowly varying speed. Relatively quick dynamic behavior is required in short periods of time. A control algorithm ensuring speeding at the expense of short-term increase in its torque at the corresponding multiplicity of increase in a phase current of the drive was proposed for the specified variant of the step electric drive. A simulation model of the electric drive was developed in MATLAB – SIMULINK; this software helped to verify  efficiency of the proposed steering mode. It was shown that the considered algorithm is not effective for electric drives with considerable external damping. Results of the simulation were presented in a polynomial shape convenient for practical use.
Optimization in the model of an individual cycle of phase switching of a gated inductor motor
# 06, June 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0613.0579054
A.B. Krasovskii
Features of architecture of an individual cycle of switching in a gated inductor motor were considered in this article. Existent control algorithms for the motor obtained on the basis of a simplified piecewise linear representation of its real magnetic characteristics were estimated. Simulation results of a cycle of phase switching of the motor with the use of its experimental nonlinear magnetic characteristics were presented; these results were used to formulate optimum, in terms of force and power indexes, conditions of turning on/off. Character of voltage variation on the drive’s phase with standard parameters for maintaining the presence of a current in the zone of overlap of interacting poles was determined.
Simulation of a traction generator and its test bench
# 03, March 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0313.0542271
V.A. Solov'ev
In this article the author proves expediency of application of a traction generator based on a nine-phase synchronous electric machine with permanent magnets, closed-coil winding and an uncontrolled rectifier in a complete set of traction electric equipment of the supersize vehicles. By means of developed simulation models of a traction generator and a test bench, influence of switching processes in the generator rectifier on its static and dynamic characteristics was investigated. Analysis of obtained simulation results and results of development tests was carried out, and the obtained results are provided in this article. Recommendations on use of simulation models during designing and modeling of a combined action of the traction generator and internal combustion engine are drawn.
Analysis of functional relation equations in the electrostatic gyroscope (ESG)
# 12, December 2012
DOI: 10.7463/1212.0506112
G.F. Drobyshev
A system of transcendental equations is investigated. On the basis of the spatial phase method of variation of the angular arbitrary orientation of the axis of rotation of the rotor in the electrostatic gyroscope functional relationship with relevant geometric angles with four axes is set. In order to increase angular orientation of the axis of rotation of the rotor to the range of 0 ÷ 360° the octant coordinate system is proposed.
Complex algorithm of sensorless control over gated inductor motor
# 12, December 2012
DOI: 10.7463/1212.0496400
M.V. Chavychalov
The authors consider a developed complex algorithm of sensorless control over a gated inductor electrical machine; the algorithm solves the problem of determining the initial position and starting speed of the rotor, sensorless start-up and the following operation at higher speeds. The author provides results of computer simulation and physical modeling of a sensorless start-up of SRM. The described complex algorithm can be used to improve reliability of gated inductor motors designed to work in harsh conditions.
Electromagnetic compatibility of collector electric drive with three-phase AC power
# 08, August 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0812.0450268
S.B. Reznikov, V.V. Bocharov, A.B. Kornilov
The authors propose a completely new circuit solution of pulsed power collector electric drive by introducing adjustment of power consumption coefficient in a single-transmitter, which in contrast to the one-stage transformer. This solution, in contrast to the two-stage scheme with the Vien-rectifier and a step-down converter, contains no intermediate capacitive link of DC voltage. The scheme implements energy efficient and compact direct conversion of electricity consumed by the high quality of the current network, at the same time providing regenerative braking mode and return energy to the network in a wide speed range of the drive. It can be used in airborne sets and electric power plants, including - for advanced aircraft with an all-electric equipment.
Variant of constructing a regulator of excitement of synchronous electric generators which provides optimization of parameters of transient processes in conjugated power supply system
# 06, June 2012
DOI: 10.7463/0612.0415299
A.B. Borzov, A.V. Bumagin, A.V. Gondar, K.P. Likhoedenko
The authors propose an approach to construction of an adaptive system of automatic adjustment of excitement of synchronous electric generators. The authors consider optimization of transient processes characteristics in power supply systems, on the basis of indirect adaptive management with an identifier and neural network technologies. It was shown that accuracy of approximation of transient processes in a power supply system by the neural network identifier allowed to reproduce time length of the transient process to within the tenth fractions of a second.
77-30569/347501 Features of formation of infrastructure and marketing outlets of energy resources on the basis of small maiden natural gas fields
# 03, March 2012
V.K. Aver'yanov, V.N. Tolmachev, V.A. Karasevich, A.A. Chelaznov, M.A. Juravskii
The article considers development of methodological foundation of the energy service market based on the usage of small non-developed maiden natural gas fields. The authors also study the factors which influence the demand for energy services in well-established engineering infrastructures of regions, as well as the creation of information databases and design procedures of fundamental circuit designs. On the basis of the developed approach the authors propose different variants of the most effective distribution of small-scale energy power-suppliers, of consumers using small gas fields as fuel for power-suppliers. The most important technological, financial and economic constraints, such as safe distances from production fields, electric energy and heat rates, the cost of technological linking to the electric network, acceptable payback periods etc. are also considered in this article.  
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