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Education Sciences


Methodical Aspects of Implementing Team Scientific Projects in International Environment
# 06, June 2015
V.I. Maiorova, V.A. Igrickii
pp. 459-476
Environmental Aspects of the Engineering Training at Technical University
# 06, June 2015
V.V. Bushueva, N.N. Bushuev
pp. 477-499
Physics Competence Assessment in Engineering Higher Education Institution
# 02, February 2015
DOI: 10.7463/0215.0758077
A.F. An, V.M. Sokolov
pp. 286-307
Educational Standards of BMSTU: New Quality of Engineering Education
# 12, December 2014
DOI: 10.7463/1214.0752249
A.A. Aleksandrov, S.V. Korshunov, Yu.B. Tsvetkov
pp. 966-983
Problems and Prospects of Higher Technical Education System's Transformation
# 03, March 2014
E.A. Gavrilina
Article is devoted to the issue of transformation of higher technical education. The importance of educational practices in the modern world is discussed. Need of change of an educational paradigm as a whole, and in technical education, in particular is proved. Existing educational practices are considered and problems which arise in the modern world in connection with them are described. Based on the materials of the conference "Modern educational technologies and their use in the system of humanitarian training of engineers" with use of a method of the object and documentary analysis the main problems that exist today in the Russian Higher Technical School are revealed.
Characteristic of Methods for Prevention and Correction of Moral of Alienation of Students
# 04, April 2014
Z.K. Malieva
Alienation of the individual from the universal spiritual and moral values of the society is one of the urgent problems in the modern world. However, despite the works available in this area, the scientific literature does not adequately address the methods for solving this problem. In this study, the author reveals the matter points of pedagogical methods and techniques to prevent and correct the moral alienation of students. The paper identifies the main rules to apply the proposed methods. It analyzes the required conditions to make an efficient use of these methods in the educational process. The results of the study extend the knowledge about the nature of the tutor’s activities aimed at solving the problem of moral alienation of the students.
Analysis of Main Factors Influencing the Emergence of Inventions and Discoveries in Science and Technology
# 04, April 2014
I.S. Potapcev, V.V. Bushueva, N.N. Bushuev
The discoveries in science and inventions in technology emerge due to three available components, which are required. They are a general level of science and technology development, social order or social conditions and a personal scientist, inventor creativity. The paper reviews their relationship and interaction in various historical epochs. It especially emphasizes on the recognition of the scientist, the inventor in the development of science and technology. Difficulties in scientific research with focus on the creative process and artistic personality are identified. There is a lack of theoretical approach when analyzing this problem. So it is argued that the empirical method to analyze the characteristics of the creative person is necessary. Based on the analysis of articles both of domestic and of foreign authors in the field concerned the paper highlights the most common, significant points, which allow us to draw conclusions regarding the creation process and creative personality. The importance of these conclusions is analyzed in terms of home and foreign pedagogical practice.The novelty of this work is the analysis of creative process and creative person based on domestic and foreign literature. The foreign and domestic pedagogical practice materials illustrate the significance and application of the results of this analysis. The differences in the educational procedures in terms of creative abilities of students are highlighted. Attention is drawn to the positive aspects, which should be used in home teaching practice when dealing with students.
Features of using multimedia technologies at lecturing programming
# 03, March 2014
G.S. Ivanova
The article generalizes the results for ten years of lecturing on programming to the undergraduate students at the Department of Computer Systems and Networks of BMSTU using multimedia equipment, namely computer, projector and screen. Two ways of using multimedia equipment: a demonstration of presentations and running programs in software environments are Identified. The article discusses examples of slide presentations and formulates positive results of the multimedia use. It reveals weaknesses to deliver lectures using presentations and offers the ways for their elimintation.
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