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Modernization of machinery equipment based on modern information technology
# 1, November 2003
DOI: 10.7463/1103.0551050
S.I. Suyatinov
The actual issue of modernization of machinery equipment based reinnovation is considered. It is shown that in the conditions of limited resources the reinnovation allows to raise a number of important characteristics of machines and, therefore, competitiveness of all production. As a technological basis of a reinnovation it is offered to use information technology and modern electronic components. Depending on scales of modernization three levels of a reinnovation are allocated, their features are considered and practical recommendations about realization of technical tasks at each level are made. As a particular example of a reinnovation the problem of the condition assessment of a sander spindle using modern information technology is considered.
77-30569/345402 Adaptive neural network regulator to control piezoelectric rotation engine
# 03, March 2012
A.A. Bokov, A.A. Boshlyakov, V.V. Ivanenkov
This article deals with selecting and creating a control system of a mechatronic modular unit based on piezoelectric rotation engine. The authors consider the features of a piezoelectrical engine as a control object and justify the choice of the neural networks technology. The authors carry out a synthesis of the adaptive neural network regulator and simulation in MATLAB of the whole system. The efficiency of the synthesized regulator is shown.
77-30569/280962 The development and research of method and optical system for creating multiplex holograms in the systems of archival optical-holographic memory
# 11, November 2011
S.B. Odinokov, N.M. Verenikina, A.S. Kuznecov, V.V. Markin, D.S. Lushnikov, A.Yu. Pavlov, A.B. Solomashenko
Micro-hologram multiplexing method was proposed and researched; it allowed to increase data writing and reading speed. This method was implemented in the developed and tested system. The ability to multiplex holograms, with the usage of multichannel write head, and simultaneous reading of those holograms with the usage of multichannel read head, was shown. The advantages and the perspective of this method and developed optical system usage for creating multiplex holograms in the systems of archival optical-holographic memory are listed below. The first is the elimination of need for mechanical motion of system elements both when multiplexing on the stage of writing and when restoring of multiplex holograms. The second is the absence of crisscross interference in the beams, restored from multiplex holograms. And last, but not least, it is the ability to use relatively thin recording environment for the writing.
77-30569/280337 Approximation of the segment of dynamically controlled system flat movement trajectory with the usage of logarithmic spiral.
# 11, November 2011
A.A. Karpunin, E.M. Voronov
Description of dynamically controlled object flat trajectory with piecewise constant plots of control was obtained with use of logarithmic spiral plot. Examples of the segments of acceleration and deceleration with fixed values of normal and tangent overloads were included in the article. The usage of this approximation method for models moving along the flat trajectories allows to substitute system of differential equations with analytical dependences.  That technique leads to significant reduce in trajectory creation time.
77-30569/252207 Comparative analysis of the integral conversions' efficiency when processing distributed radiolocation signals
# 11, November 2011
S.I. Nefedov
Comparative analysis of integral conversions relatively to the optimal distributed signal processing was presented. The coefficient of integral conversion efficiency was introduced. Fourier transform, wavelet transform and convolution in the system of standard functions were compared when single and group signal processing.
77-30569/241916 Estimation of the mean time of processing data warehouse inquiry by method of creating a primary index for the table of facts in the parallel database system
# 11, November 2011
Yu.A. Grigor'ev
The article gives an expression for mathematical expectation of the execution time of data warehouse inquiry built on the basis of a database parallel system (DPS). The author determines parameters of this expression taking into account the presence  of “bottleneck”. The author provides an expression which makes it possible to estimate the mean execution time of inquiries to the database parallel system with CE cluster architecture. In this expression the number of SMP-units and quantity of AMP-processors in each unit are taken into account. A practical example is analyzed, and conclusions are formulated. In particular, it is noted that if “the bottleneck” (disk) of the system is not overloaded (its load is less than 1), then the mean execution time of data warehouse inquiry in the system with the SMP-units is commensurate with the time of processing this demand in the MPP-system with the same quantity of AMP-processors. This makes it possible to substantially save cash resources during the acquisition of hardware of the parallel database system.
77-30569/264652 Development of the method for calculating the cylindrical joints with a small gap for a thin-walled external member
# 11, November 2011
D.S. Blinov, V.F. Alyoshin
Methods of mechanical machine creating became the foundation of the developing method for calculating a thin-walled external member with all constraints taken in the account. Dimensionless parameters were used in that method to provide the engineering generality. The most important parameter is a radial gap. The final system of equations was obtained in the article; this system can be solved only by computer.
77-30569/250145 Shared center for research and testing of microminiature high-frequency and broadband special electronic equipment assembly and mounting technological processes.
# 11, November 2011
G.P. Slukin, S.I. Nefedov, A.B. Vostorgov, I.E. Jigalenkov, N.M. Zyuz'kin, V.Yu. Shustikov
Technological abilities of shared center for research and testing of microminiature high-frequency and broadband special electronic equipment assembly and mounting technological processes were considered in the article. Working conditions and examples of technological processes of micro-assemblies development and mounting were described. Perspectives for the development of this center and for the entire sphere were shown.
77-30569/252091 Minimal-parametric modelling in radar signal processing
# 11, November 2011
S.I. Nefedov
The author considers a conception of minimal parametric modelling in high-quality radar signal processing. Convolution transform in reference functions system is given as base integral transform of the proposed conception of minimal parametric modeling. Basic requirements for minimal parametric signal model and phono-target situation are discussed.
77-30569/262290 New mechanism of carbon dissolution in the lattice of the austenite while carburizing steel and its properties when the austenite goes through pearlite and martensitic transformation
# 11, November 2011
V.S. Kraposhin
A new model of carbon placement in the lattice of the austenite was proposed; it is based on the equality of diamond's and austenite's lattice periods. Carbon dissolves in austenite as a centered tetrahedron which is a fragment of diamond structure. Vertexes of carbon tetrahedron are placed in the austenite lattice sites, this way the fifth atom of carbon is in the center of carbon tetrahedron, without causing distortion in the austenite lattice. This model was proved with experimental data of nuclear gamma-ray spectroscopy and is consistent with the proposed single model of pearlite and martensitic austenite transformation as multi-doubling of austenite density.
77-30569/262333 Research of the structure and properties of multilayer materials based on aluminum alloys
# 11, November 2011
A.G. Kolesnikov, A.I. Plohih, M.O. Mironova
 It was shown in the article, that multilayer metallic materials could be composed not only using alloys with different crystal structure, but also using isomorphic components. Metallographic research specified that laminar structure with parallel arrangement of layers of equal thickness was formed in multilayer material consisting of aluminum alloys. Significant reducing of viscosity was detected when simultaneous rising of conditional yield point; this is a characteristic of materials with laminar structure.
77-30569/261887 Intelligent systems as a basis of new generation equipment for the control of axle-boxes of railways rolling stock
# 11, November 2011
A.Y. Dolganin, Y.N. Dolganin, D.V. Kreopalov, M.A. Savchenko
The priceples of  pyrometric systems creating were researched in the article. The calibration method for pyrometric units in the thermal control systems was proposed. It was shown that own thermal radiation of constructive elements in optical systems can be suppressed by using an optical system with intermediate image and modulator with reflecting sectors of multilayer interference coatings. Method of suppressing of the solar radiation to low level, saving high temperature resolution relating to the environment, including low temperatures of controlled object was developed
77-30569/262116 Research of the influence of alloying elements’ diffusion mobility on the stability of multilayer metallic materials’ structure
# 11, November 2011
A.I. Plohih, D.V. Vlasova, O.M. Hovova, V.M. Polyanskii
Diffusion of the alloying elements between layers of material is one of the main factors influencing on the forming and saving of laminar structure in multilayer metallic materials. Thermic method, dilatometric method and micro-X-ray analysis were used to find out the influence of cyclic high-temperature heating on diffusion mobility of basic alloying elements in multilayer iron-based materials with various degree of structuring.
77-30569/261314 Method of equipment’s and aerial reconnaissance modes’ system analysis
# 11, November 2011
E.I. Afinogenov, T.M. Volosatova, N.I. Sel'vesyuk, N.V. Chichvarin
This article is based on the results of the development of method and tools for production of the requirements for navigational equipment, information support and system of aerial reconnaissance aircraft (AC) flight, providing the required quality of recorded aerial films. The research of this development process was carried out considering principal (theoretical) restraints of aerial reconnaissance complexes’ abilities and information technologies, solving problems of recording and recognition of aerial reconnaissance data. Aerial photo equipment (APE), APE stabilizing systems for different carriers and methods of defocused and blurred image reconstruction were also considered in this article.
77-30569/248808 Interference pattern analysis of resolution bin in surveillance spatial coherent MIMO radar systems with beamea antennas
# 11, November 2011
M.I. Noniashvili, I.V. Kryuchkov, S.I. Nefedov
           The article considers features of the interference pattern of resolution bin in surveillance spatial coherent MIMO radar system with respect to baseline lengths of the interferometer and the number of radar stations in the interferometer. The authors provide a strategy of surveillance coherent MIMO radar system interference pattern of spatial bin construction.
77-30569/255442 High-voltage pulse modulators
# 11, November 2011
V.I. Kazancev, V.G. Sergeev, S.A. Platonov
 This article deals with high-voltage pulse modulators, used in the supply circuits of powerful generator and amplifier electro-vacuum microwave devices. The advantages of solid-state modulators over electrical ones were shown in the article. Russian and oversea productions of high-voltage modulators were considered. Block diagrams of the anode and grid modulators and electro-vacuum device’s breakdown protection scheme with a security key were included.
77-30569/256187 Experimental research of fluorescent spectrums of natural formations and oil pollution
# 11, November 2011
Yu.V. Fedotov, O.A. Matrosova, M.L. Belov, V.A. Gorodnichev
Article is devoted to experimental research of laser induced fluorescent spectrums of oil pollution on the earth’s surface. It was shown, that fluorescent spectrums of natural formations (earth’s underlying surfaces) and oil pollution had their own features which can be used to control oil pollution on the earth’s surface both right after spillage and at least a day after.
77-30569/256238 Method for determination of the temperature and time stability of magnetic systems with permanent magnets
# 11, November 2011
V.S. Boruta, B.E. Vintaikin
This article is devoted to the method for determination of the temperature and time stability of magnetic parameters in systems with permanent magnets. The method for determination of the temperature coefficient of induction (TCI) and the coefficient of time instability (CTI) was based on compensation induction-continuous measurement method. Device for TCI measurement is an AC voltage generator with permanent magnetic field. Stator is a fixed frame winding, placed in the working gap of magnetic system. Induced in the stator EMF was rectified and compensated by stabilizing voltage. Considered magnetic system (MS) was placed into thermostat. Temperature of one of the stator’s windings was measured. Temperature stability of MS could be inferred by compensated signal.  Device for CTI measurement consists of two autonomous AC voltage generators with permanent magnetic field. One of them is a researched MS; the other one is a stabilized MS. Windings of two stators were opposite. Time stability of MS could be inferred by the dependence of compensated signal on time. The developed method allows to determine temperature and time stability of MSs used in fine mechanics devices, with high accuracy.
77-30569/256111 Methods for micro-optical-electrical-mechanical subsystems modeling
# 11, November 2011
I.A. Kosolapov, L.A. Zinchenko
Modeling of MEM subsystems with different physical nature and methods of transition between them, using formal description language VHDL-AMS were considered in this article, based on micro-optical-electrical-mechanical accelerometer with Fabry-Perot interferometer. Optical, mechanical and control subsystems were modeled during the research, the results were included in the article. It was noticed, that the advantages of VHDL-AMS are its versatility, ability to describe mixed analog-digital systems; it’s also supported in many programming complexes, used for MEM modeling
77-30569/255301 Experimental research of multipath radio-wave propagation’s influence on the accuracy of range measurement on rough terrain
# 11, November 2011
A.A. Filatov, I.V. Kryuchkov, S.I. Nefedov, V.A. Miheev
In this article methods of range measurement between two points of local positioning system. General overview of positioning problem in conditions of multipath was presented. Model of equipment for investigation of diverse radio system positioning accuracy was proposed. Experiment for investigation of positioning accuracy and method for determining the distance using the experimental data were described. The results of experimental estimation of accuracy when measuring the distance between elements for different types of tracks were included in the article.
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