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An abstract is aimed at the following:

  • allows a reader to make a quick assessment of the basic content of an article to make decision if its full text is worth reading;
  • gives general information of an article thereby avoiding the need to read its full text in case it is of peripheral interest;
  • is used by research, library, and search information systems.

An abstract of the article must be:

  • informative (free of descriptive generalizations);
  • comprehensive (reflect the basic content of an article);
  • structured (follow the logic of material representation in the article);
  • compact (comply with a limit of 10-12 lines (font 12)

An abstract must contain:

  • subject and aim of the work (provided that they do not follow from the article's title);
  • used method(s) of research;
  • main results of research;
  • disagreements as compared the given publication with other thematically similar ones;
  • scope of results application;
  • conclusions, recommendations, prospects for development.

Please, avoid parenthesis (e.g., "the author considers that ..." and "the author thinks that ...", etc.), as well as complicated grammatical structures. The abstract ought to be laconically written in the simplest terms for the non-professionals to conceive a matter. Therefore, it should not bristle with scientific terminology. Please avoid well-known information and cliches. There should be no any cited quotations of the article in the abstract. The abstract, usually, uses structures of ascertaining nature (the author analyses, proves, describes, justifies, etc.), as well as evaluative standard wordings (mainly focuses on, important relevant issue, problem, analyses in-detail, prove conclusively).

The following approach to the abstract quality assessment is known. Translate the abstract using any translating computer. Then use it again to translate back into Russian language. If the text is understandable readers will take it well.

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