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# 03, March 2011

Science and Education
Dynamical absorber. Influence of position
# 03, March 2011
S.V. Eliseev, Yu.V Ermoshenko, R.S. Bolshakov
Questions of influence of position of dynamical absorber on properties of object with two degrees of freedom are considered. Building of effective system of defense from vibration and getting of additional regimes of dynamical absorbtion with coupling are offered.
Procedure of de-identification of the personal data
# 03, March 2011
УДК: 681.3
E.A. Saksonov, R.V. Sheredin
The procedure de-identification of the personal data tables, are discussed. The procedure consist in transpositions of the records in columns of the table.  The transposition provides the hiding of the logical relationships between personal data and create difficulty for the unauthorized identification. The formula for the estimation of the labour content for unauthorized identification by way direct exhaustion of variants are received. The  algorithm of the reconstruction of the personal data after de-identification are designed. Dignities of the method and the examples of  using are shown. This method  are enough simple for realization  by  programm facilitys of  database, for example  - SQL.            The article can be useful for designers and administrators of the personal data information systems.
Organisational-pedagogical conditions increasing the professional competence of students in the system of continuing natural-science education
# 03, March 2011
N.N. Dvulichanskaya
In the article a set of organizational-pedagogical conditions for improvement of professional competence among students in the process of continuous study of "non-core" natural-science disciplines is distinguished and theoretically grounded. Experimental verification in the technical institutions of secondary vocational education showed that the profiling of education content, its modular-competence structuring, engaging students in active cognitive practice when combined with appropriate teaching / learning software promotes the increasing level of motivation, and cognitive components of competence, the development of cognitive interest.
Affecting system of synchronization of harmonic hindrances and noise
# 03, March 2011
УДК: 621.396.662
U.A. Sidorkina, A.A. Kovalchuk, M.A. Ryazanova
The article analyzes the synchronization system in the presence at its input in the form of the combined effect of the additive sum of the signal, harmonic interferences and noises in the form of a Gaussian random process. The model of the synchronization system in the form of a phase-locked loop as a structural scheme and the nonlinear stochastic control. The article offers the derivation of the differential equation. In the future, authors plan dispose of the noise component examine the deterministic control solution using the method of harmonic balance. As a result, the authors obtained a system of algebraic equations for the parameters of the approximate solutions. The article offers the image obtained parameters depending on the values ​​of GPT. In the first case, increasing the noise intensity leads to improved matching, increases the mean time to failure of tracking and decreases the average value of the frequency mismatch; In the second case, the reverse trend.
Development of generalized optimization methods for the construction of the device of rotary band grinding for fabricability
# 03, March 2011
УДК: 621.924
S.A. Shiliaev, V.G. Osetrov
The task of designing a new product is connected with achievement of the required technical level of a product, decrease of laboriousness and prime cost in all stages of a life span of a product. Tryout of the construction for its fabricability is performed by means of direct influence on its technical essence due to providing the construction with a number of properties that make it organizationally adequate. The work presents the method of calculating workability and quality assessment of a device of rotary band grinding with particulate indices. This method allows to choose the most rational layout solution.
Balancing of the strapdown inercial'noy navigation system of middle class of exactness
# 03, March 2011
D.B. Pazychev
The traditional method of gyroscope biases determination is very difficult to be used during a calibration procedure. To calculate the errors the method must use a lot of navigation data saved during the calibration procedure. The equations of a strapdown inertial navigation system development were analyzed to show how the errors can be detected using the special control signals added to a tradition inertial navigation system algorithm. The control signals basing on the velocity errors are summarized to the navigation system angular velocity which is used by the direction cosines matrix calculation procedure. The method was tested during the calibration of SINS-TEK navigation system based on fibre optic gyroscopes(FOG) and quartz accelerometers. The method was only used for 60 seconds and the gyroscope biases were detected. After the biases being detected the output velocity errors calculating during 2 hours of work were improved 10 times.     
CAS systems √ computer aided systems for surgery
# 03, March 2011
D.M. Zhuk, S.A. Perfiliev
In the middle of the 70th of the last century, modern medicine have been important developments - through the introduction into medical practice modalities of diagnostic imaging and information technology have introduced new technologies in diagnostics, imaging, therapy, surgery and rehabilitation phases of treatment. The main directions of implementation of information technology in medical practice associated with the processing of large volumes of diverse medical information and management of medical institutions. However, the most serious problems have arisen in the implementation of information technology in the practice of preparing and planning of surgical treatment. This is due to the fact that the requirements of increasing opportunities for surgical treatment and its effectiveness has led to a sharp increase and complexity of technical equipment of surgeons, including sophisticated robotic and computer systems.
Theoretical foundations of improvement the competence-oriented physics course in technical high school
# 03, March 2011
УДК: 378.53
A.F. An
The article discusses the theoretical aspects and results of content analysis the general physics course as a basis for improving discipline which is oriented to model of professional competence of technical universities graduates
Spherical wave reflection at impedance interface of two mediums
# 03, March 2011
B.A. Kasatkin, N.V. Zlobina, L.G. Statsenko, D.V. Zlobin
The new solution of the problem of the directed sound beams reflection at the interface between liquid half-space and solid half-space is analyzed. This solution is received in a class of the generalized functions, which are the conjugate solutions of the appropriate not self-conjugate boundary problem. It is marked, that reflectance of spherical components of the total solution in the field of angles of complete internal reflection is less than one. The reflectance takes the minimal value when falling angle corresponds to generation of Rayleigh wave. The analytical expression for shift of the directed sound beams is received for reflection, which angular dependence precisely corresponds to observed dependence in classical Schoch experiments.
Simulation of mechanical linkage products
# 03, March 2011
A.N. Bojko
We discuss the formalization of the mechanical linkage products. Considered mechanical system, whose elements can be considered as absolutely rigid bodies. Offered the mathematical description of the properties that deliver elements of the mechanical system a certain location in the assembly process. It is shown that an adequate description of these properties is hypernetwork model. This hypernetwork is a combination of graph and hypergraph mechanical linkage. The first describes all he connections and mechanical coupling, the second represents the full set of design bases. Hypernetwork can be used for the synthesis of product assembly sequence. Each assembly operation is represented in the form of a normal collapsing vertices of the network. Sequence of normal collapsing that transforms the network into a point, a description of the product assembly.
Low-radioactivity fusion reactor based on a spherical tokamak with a strong magnetic field
# 03, March 2011
A.Yu. Chirkov
Spherical tokamak is a promising compact geometry variety of the tokamak. The most important feature of the spherical tokamak is the practical equality of the plasma pressure and magnetic pressure. In classical tokamak plasma pressure is about ten times lower than the pressure of the magnetic field. This feature allows creating nuclear fusion reactor utilizing a mixture of deuterium (D) and light helium (3He). Because of the low neutron radioactivity D–3He reactors are environmentally attractive promising direction for future development of fusion energy. Present work shows the possibility of development of a compact, yet powerful D–3He reactor on the basis of a spherical tokamak.
Generalized search tree application for approximate string search
# 03, March 2011
A.E. Korotkov, V.V. Panferov
This work presents generalized search tree application for approximate string search. The task is to find all the strings from data domain which have distance to given string less than given threshold. Levenshtein metric is used in the capacity of string distance measure. Some subclass of regular expressions is used in the capacity of tree keys. The analysis of test results was performed and fields of further research is presented.
High-performance computing virtualization
# 03, March 2011
A.O. Romanova
The problems of virtualization using are described, prerequisites for server virtualization are shown. The advantages of virtualization, including virtualization of high-performance computing systems are given. The new classification of virtualization technologies is suggested. The types of virtualization are described, a comparison of technologies is advantages and disadvantages of the species of virtualization are given. The necessities of virtualization in today’s computing systems and examples of virtualization of distributed computing systems are described. The performances of real and virtual systems on a different set of test problems and for various configurations of virtual computing environment are compared.

Foreign Education

USA: Wharton expands online offering
# 03, March 2011
An online journal for school students has been launched by the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS), offers free articles, videos, podcasts, a business-related game and a glossary of more than 200 business terms. Features include stories about companies run by teenagers, business trends, profiles on successful entrepreneurs and technology reviews. There are also interviews with high school students.Up until now, Wharton has focused on providing business knowledge for older students, through the award-winning Knowledge@Wharton online network, that reaches 1.7m subscribers worldwide. Now, it is keen to broaden this service to younger generations around the world, helping them to discover business today.
CHINA: Shanghai begins construction of China's first Sino-American university
# 03, March 2011
The Chinese economic hub of Shanghai began construction of the New York University Shanghai (NYU Shanghai) on Monday, the first university jointly operated by China and the United States.NYU Shanghai is an independent entity authorized to grant degrees. New York University and the Shanghai-based East China Normal University (ECNU) will operate the institution.The two universities will strive to develop the joint venture into one of the world's finest comprehensive universities, said NYU President John Sexton during an interview before he attended the ground-breaking ceremony Monday afternoon.
AUSTRALIA: New website gives access to academics
# 03, March 2011
Australians will have direct access to the thoughts of some of the country's brightest minds through a new independent news and information website, The Conversation. The not-for-profit service is backed by CSIRO and Australia's leading universities, providing information, analysis, commentary and research news from their researchers and academics.Launched today, The Conversation's journalists work with the institutions' academics to put their views straight to the website in areas including business, the environment, science and politics.
NEPAL: Government gearing up to set up open university
# 03, March 2011
KATHMANDU: With its new office — Open University Nepal Initiative — on the premises of the Ministry of Education, the government is gearing up to establish the much-awaited open university. However, the House must approve the Higher Education Bill, registered in the Parliamentary Secretariat, to establish the university. A 22-member steering committee, led by MoE secretary Shankar Prasad Pandey, has been formed to carry out the ground work. The ministry is working in coordination with Non-Resident Nepalis’ Association, Canada Foundation of Nepal and Athabasca Open University in Canada, to set up the open university.
UK: The rise of dual profession lecturers
# 03, March 2011
The number of lecturers choosing to combine part-time teaching with a second job in a related field is on the up, writes Debbie Andalo for The Guardian.Whether they are doctors, city economists or musicians in their non-academic life, part-time lecturers say teaching forces them to keep their practice, and their knowledge, up to date. But they also believe they bring a different perspective to the workplace compared to colleagues who are full-time academics.
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