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# 04, April 2009

Science and Education
Optimal insulin dose forecasting methods for insulin-dependant diabetes patients. Review.
# 04, April 2009
DOI: 10.7463/0409.0119663
S.М. Gomenyuk, А.О. Emel▓yanov, A.P. Karpenko, S.,A. Chernetsov
English language publications covering optimal insulin doses forecasting methods for insulin-dependant diabetes patients are presented in this review. Mathematical models of insulin dynamics in human body, neural network-based and composite algorithms and optimal insulin dose forecasting systems are considered.
Numerical research of turbulent transport processes in compact plasma power installation with longitudinal currents
# 04, April 2009
A.D. Bolshakova, A.Yu. Chirkov
Now will reach considerable progress in experimental and theoretical researches of plasma systems with the turned magnetic configuration. Such systems possess unique physical properties and a number of technical advantages in comparison with other magnetic configurations for deduction of high-temperature plasma. In particular, pressure and the specific power maintenance of plasma are extremely high.
Modelling of working processes in electropulse installation for processing of mineral oil
# 04, April 2009
D.N. Ilmov, A.V. Desiatov, A.P. Kubyshkin, S.I. Kaskov
Work is devoted research of process of generation of powerful acoustic waves by the high-voltage pulse electric category in the liquid environment. Thanks to possibility of formation of impulses of pressure of high amplitude, this method allows to influence some characteristics of environment, such as structure, viscosity, dispersion. Possibility of improvement of characteristics of mineral oil, in particular, top internal black oil is considered.
About the improved analytical dependences for speeds of power allocation and sections of reactions of synthesis
# 04, April 2009
D.N. Karbyshev, S. , V. Ryjkov, M. , K. Troynik
A number of reactions of the synthesis going between kernels of easy elements with allocation of energy is known. These reactions, basically, can be used for creation of powerful energy sources.
Problems of modelling of dynamic modes of an automobile diesel engine
# 04, April 2009
A.N. Bokovikov
Last 2-3 decades, characterised by continuous perfection of their design and increase of indicators, it is necessary to estimate development of piston internal combustion engines as accelerated that is caused by use of achievements of high technologies in the various branches connected with building of engines.

General Problems of Engineer Education

Converter L/VHF for an amateur radio communication
# 04, April 2009
V.S. Pavlov
The description of a radio intake which is used on Collective radio station of MGTU of Bauman is presented. The device is intended for supervision over work of amateur radio stations in a range of 1260-1300 MHz.

Foreign Education

US: Facebook students underachieve in exams
# 04, April 2009
An American study has found that students who spend their time adding friends, chatting and 'poking' others on the website may devote as little as one hour a week to their academic work, writes Urmee Khan in The Telegraph. The study by Ohio State University showed that students who used Facebook had a "significantly" lower grade point average than those who did not.
Top technological universities form alliance to meet global challenges
# 04, April 2009
Seven of the worlds' top technological universities Tuesday gathered here to create an alliance to enhance academic exchanges and make better use of technologies to meet global challenges. The alliance, named the Global Alliance of Technological Universities, groups top universities including California institute of Technology and Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States, Imperial College London and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich in Europe, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Nanyang Technological University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Asia.
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