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Process Fluids of Aero-Hydraulic Systems and Their Properties
Engineering Education # 04, April 2014
DOI: 10.7463/0414.0705577
The article considers process fluids, which are presently applied to aviation hydraulic systems (AHS) in domestic and world practice. Aviation practice uses rather wide list of fluids. Based on the technical specification a designer makes the choice of specific fluid for the specific aircraft. Process fluids have to possess the specified properties presented in the article, namely: lubricating properties; stability of physical and chemical characteristics at operation and storage; low-temperature properties; acceptable congelation temperature; compatibility with materials of units and components of hydraulic systems; heat conductivity; high rigidity; minimum low coefficient of volume expansion; fire-explosion safety; low density. They should also have good dielectric properties, be good to resist to destruction of molecules, have good anticorrosion and anti-erosion properties, as well as not create conditions for emerging electro-kinetic erosion of spool-type and other precision devices, and a number of other properties.
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