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Electrochemical modification of surface properties of carbon fiber based on the polyacrilonitrile
Engineering Education # 09, September 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0913.0620998
Electrochemical and subsequent chemical treatments of carbon fiber produced by two-stage thermal stabilization and carbonization of polyacrylonitrile fiber were used for modification of its surface to improve its adhesive properties with epoxy matrix. Electrochemical treatment initiates complicated physical and chemical transformations which lead to etching, lengthwise channels and cross-link formations between carbon filaments. Various conditions for electrochemical treatment of carbon fiber in water solutions of ammonium salts (NH4)HCO3/(NH4)2C2O4 were used to determine the optimal modes and to increase the tensile strength value of microplastics up to 10% compared to untreated carbon fiber samples. Coating the surface of carbon fiber with polymer layers by electrochemical polymerization was applied; this approach appeared to be an alternative and effective way for modification of surface properties.
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