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Simulation of forming process of discrete-slot structure in case of bi-rotatory edge cutting machining
Engineering Education # 07, July 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0713.0576656
Creation of bi-rotatory machines of multiblade processing and development of methods for their exploitation is an actual scientific-technical task closely connected with the problem of creation of high-technology and high-performance equipment. Development and efficient exploitation of a bi-rotatory complex for processing details with a discrete-slot surface structure which implement its technological capabilities require knowledge of the regularities of formation of details. In this case it is necessary to solve a number of problems associated with the modeling and analysis of the formation process of this kind of structure, which haven’t been solved yet. The aim of this research is an identification and functional interrelation analysis of geometrical parameters of a curvilinear slot with geometric and kinematic parameters of a bi-rotatory cut-map. Functional relations for determination of geometrical parameters of the obtained discrete-slot structure were developed. Vector formalization of configuration of a technological gearing scheme was introduced basing on the concept of cycloidal forming. The generalize vector model of cycloidal forming which is universal for external, internal and encircle technological gearing schemes of the couple (detail-tool), for milling, tangential turning, climb cutting and counter cutting, was developed. A solution method for the model of a cycloidal slot forming based on the transcendence formula reduction to algebraic form, which allows one to calculate a slot length to a precision of 0.03 in defined technological gearing scheme and kinematic processing parameters, was also developed; in the tasks of a parametric synthesis it allows one to determine parameters of a cut-map in order to obtain the required slot length.
Analysis of product design with discrete-slot surface structure and their production technology
Engineering Education # 05, May 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0513.0566912
This article presents a classification of typical circular-shaped details with a iscrete-slot surface structure according to permeability and their geometry of forming. Design variants of these parts are described along with manufacturing methods and application areas. The majority of filtering elements with a discrete-slot surface structure are assembly units which include several interconnected parts. Manufacturing technologies of such filtering elements have a set of restrictions both for productivity and for the guaranteed filtering degree. Bi-rotor technologies of multiblade processing of discrete-slot surface structure that allow to obtain filtering elements as a mono-part with the value of filtering degree equaling 10 micrometers are the most promising in the filtering degree context and efficiency of a production cycle. These technologies allow to obtain the structure which has elastic properties and makes it easier to create adjustable filters with minimal slots width in the compressed condition at the working mode and opening of the filtering element at the regeneration mode.
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