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77-30569/377653 Change of dynamical properties of mechanical oscillation systems on the base of introduction of link connection
Engineering Education # 04, April 2012
The authors consider questions of creating mathematical models of mechanical systems with couplings. Usually the couplings are simple rotational kinematical ties. The authors propose a method of model creation – this method consists of implementation of a certain sequence of actions based on selection of points of possible coupling of two bodies and a system of corresponding coordinates. If the elements of the planned coupling are identified as points of possible contact and are interconnected with an elastic or dissipative coupling, the difference between the coordinates of two selected points defines the relative coordinate. This coordinate can be removed out of the coefficient matrix of the system of motion equations with an appropriate column and line delineation. Coupling introduction is accompanied with a decrease in the number of degrees of freedom. Several examples, including one for two couplings, are considered in the article.
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