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Engineering Bulletin # 08, August 2017
УДК: 372.862

Engineering Education # 12, December 2016

Engineering Bulletin # 10, October 2014
УДК: 629.7.082.6

Engineering Bulletin # 09, September 2014
УДК: 629.7.085
Calculation of loads on truss frames of launching plant units caused by gas-dynamic and wind influence
Engineering Education # 03, March 2013
DOI: 10.7463/0313.0541205
 This article describes how to set wind and gas-dynamic loads on truss frames of units of a space rocket launching plant. For automating formation of nodal static loads in finite element software systems, the authors consider a distribution algorithm for non-uniform pressure of wind or the jet of a space rocket propulsion system on rod finite elements. In this paper the authors propose an algorithm for determining load values ​​ for a given cross-section plane of an axisymmetric gas flow. The proposed algorithms and mathematic models can be applied to all units consisting of truss frames. The obtained results were used for calculating bearing assemblies of the launching plant for the space rocket "Soyuz" under the influence of a gas-dynamic jet propulsion of the space rocket "Soyuz-2" at stage 1c.
77-30569/332009 The calculating analysis of strength of elements of ground equipment truss structures loaded with intensive high temperature jet
Engineering Education # 02, February 2012
The article describes aspects of the design analysis of strength of ground equipment truss structure loaded with the high temperature jet of launch vehicle engines. The reasonable limitations and calculating model development concepts for the thermal strength calculations were analyzed. Basics of the overall strength analysis were given. The truss structure local thermal strength analysis was considered by the example of joint of piped elements.
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