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77-30569/322717 Theoretical and experimental research of Field Reversed Configuration.
Engineering Education # 02, February 2012
The main aim of this work was the study of the process of formation of reverse-field magnetic configuration (RMC) and search of the way to increase the plasma’s energy content at this stage. New method was proposed to manage this task; it suggested to form a compact tore. Experimental research of this method was carried out; it was shown that the usage of this scheme allowed to increase the efficiency of energy transfer from capacitors batteries into plasma. The main result was that method of RMC formation was experimentally confirmed. Efficiency of energy transfer up to 90% was achieved. The main distinctive feature of this method was a new technique of configuration formation. Obtained results could be applied to the research of possibility to use a compact tore configuration as a fundamental of fusion reactor that is the source of high-density plasma. Also the possibility of using RMC as a basis of a rocket engine was discussed. Various types of thrust were presented in this article. For a more detailed investigation of the properties of obtained plasma and possibilities of its application the future development of experimental set-up was needed.
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