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77-30569/240001Means of identifying aircraft movement based on relative trajectory changes.
Engineering Education # 10, October 2011
This article proposes a method of information processing, based on the results of relative measurements made by optical trajectory tracking facilities, which work in the conditions of undetermined orientation relative to local meridian and horizon, the presence of unaccounted constant errors or in case of both factors. Under current conditions of a limited budget and time for organization of measurements, the proposed method is highly relevant and provides the optimal solution of thesurveyed object motion determination problem.The algorithm of surveyed object coordinates determination is shown in particular.
77-30569/240412 Advanced technology of developing the means for low-dimensional spacecraft orbit insertion.
Engineering Education # 10, October 2011
The article describes a comparative analysis and economical efficiency estimates for the two considered ways of low -dimensional spacecraft low orbit insertion: the traditional one, using the traditional rocket launch systems, and the perspective one, using the ballistic active-reactive system. The conducted research is preliminary and as the accumulation of more source data of active-ballistic rocket systems technology goes, is subject to change, but at this stage it can serve as a basis for further analysis and evaluation of possible design. Economic efficiency of payload delivery using the ballistic active-reactive system in the given formulation of the problem is preferable.
77-30569/240199 The methodology of systems analysis of missile weapons exploitation
Engineering Education # 10, October 2011
The article presents the main principles of systems analysis of the current system of missile weapons exploitation, which allow us to organize a specific procedure for making decisions in the process of research, providing a complete study of the formation and decision-making model. A methodology is established based on these principles, theoretical generalization of the practice of organizing the strategic missile systems exploitation and experience of their operation in the military. This article describes the fundamental aspects of the missile weapons exploitation system analysis methodology, which adequately reflects the existing use of missile weapons.
77-30569/234514 Model of a priori efficiency evaluation of projects in indeterminacy typical to early stages of development.
Engineering Education # 10, October 2011
 The article shows the importance of a single complex efficiency criterion for innovative projects, which is centrally approved, and will allow an a priori evaluation of projects in indeterminacy typical to early stages of development. The criterion of efficiency not overloaded with a considerable quantity of parameters reflects target directivity of the task (operation) and in the conditions of restrictions and superimposed uncertainties allows solving so-called "direct" research problems of operations which help to create formation of programs from engineering positions.
77-30569/233628 Economical aspects of developing remote Earth sensing systems based on “Soyuz – Sat – O” microsatellites
Engineering Education # 10, October 2011
 The article sets out the necessity of establishing a global multifunctional space system of remote Earth sensing focused on integrated sensing of terrestrial objects, including the sensing with the expansion of the spectrozonal range. Currently, at restricted financing, creation of such a system is impossible without carrying out a feasibility study and a performance analysis of its usage, which is an important state task. The basic principles of a feasibility study is the approved methodical device using a cost-based mechanism in space systems creation.
77-30569/233500 About the importance of preliminary test runs of on-board equipment for innovative satellites of a new generation
Engineering Education # 10, October 2011
 The article sets out the main reasons for preliminary testing on-board equipment of new generation micro-satellites at the present stage of rocket and space technology development. As proof of this the authors present a comparative analysis of domestic developments in the field of micro-satellites and platforms for them, and as a result, “Soyuz-Sat-O” satellite is selected. The basis of creating a micro-satellite “Soyuz-Sat-O” is the latest achievements of cooperation in equipment developments, which can serve as an analog in development of perspective micro-satellites with different purposes of use.
77-30569/216010 Methodical approach to managing the process of experimental compliance of strategic missile systems with operational requirements based on current reliability estimates
Engineering Education # 09, September 2011
In this article the approach is considered, allowing to adapt for the developed now and predicted organization, engaged in experimental rocket complexes. The methodical approach offered in article is based on use during the experimental working off a rocket complex’s quantitative estimation indicators of reliability during the development of operating influences and allows to consider and compensate the revealed defects and to increase the experimental working off of rocket complexes’ efficiency as a whole.
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